Dear Friends,


As you know the date has been set for the second annual Polish Heritage Festival – 2016. It will be held in Belmont on Saturday, June 4. We are very happy to know that your organization is planning to be a food vendor for this event.

The overall Festival plans are developing nicely for a day full of exhibits, music and dance performances, good food and drink and play celebrating our Polish heritage. Your participation will contribute a very important part of the effort to make the event successful! Now we need your response by April 22 to assure a place at the Festival.


Attached is the long awaited information that you need to finalize and confirm the terms of your participation. They are:


1. The Polish Heritage Festival Vendor Registration – Application, Terms and Conditions. It needs to be completed by you and returned with your payment by April 22.

2. The County of San Mateo Environmental Health Division Temporary Event Guidelines. These are provided for your information and use. They define the requirements for food vendors for our Festival, and are very important for all of us to understand. We want very much to be successful in meeting these requirements in our first year to “pave the way” for future festivals. Key points are that: a) you need to determine if you are Risk Category 1 or 2 (see page 2 of the Guidelines for the definitions), b) if you are Category 2 (which we expect most of you will be), you will need to designate your “person-in-charge” and have that person take the Food Safety Quiz, and c) you need to decide where you will prepare the food items you will sell, how you will transport them to the event, and how you will prepare them to serve at the event.


3. The County of San Mateo Temporary Event – Food Vendor Application. This two page document must be filled out by you and also returned with the application by April 22. You will see that it is very detailed, requires that you understand #2 above, and also requires you to make several decisions about your food preparation plans. I am by no means an expert on these requirements, but I urge you to contact me with any questions you may have, and I will do my best to get the correct answers for you.


Some points to consider in your planning:

  • At this point we expect that all of the food vendors will be offering “one of a kind” food items, i.e., there will be only one vendor each for pierogi, bigos, golombki, kielbasa, sernik, or paczki, etc. and there will be no single vendor who will offer a “combination” plate. So, we would like to suggest that among the dishes your booth offers, you include a “sampler” type plate…i.e., something relatively small that is priced fairly low, so that guests who want to try many dishes would have something to buy at your booth. Make sense?
  • Charitable organizations are exempt by the County of San Mateo from paying the permit fees. (The one-time permit fees are $84 for Risk Category 1 or $125 for Risk Category 2.) The County defines a charitable organization as one which has a 501(c)3 designation from the IRS.


You may have other questions! If so, please contact me (925)818-2876 or with any concerns or

ideas. We will welcome your input!

Dziekuje Bardzo!!

Tomasz Piszczek



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